Nashville, TN | RPI Training / RCS-D™ Designation Course

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RPI Training/RCS-D™ Designation Course
Interested in working with Divorce, Elder Lawyers and their clients? TAR is delighted to bring you the opportunity to specialize in the Divorce Real Estate evergreen niche!

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Day 1: RPI Training Part 1

The 6 hour RPI Training is the prerequisite for the RCS-D™ Designation (12 total hours). And if you are an Affiliate, or do not want another designation, the 6 hour RPI Training is a standalone course.

Summary: RPI Training Part 1

RPI Training will help you learn to work with divorce and elder clients plus their attorneys in a real estate transaction. As featured in REALTOR® Magazine, divorce real estate is a consumer protection niche. This course will help your clients decide if they are able to mortgage refinance, have actual equity or if they should sell or keep the property! This training is approved for 6 hours of CE in Tennessee (TREC).

Day 2: RCS-D™ Designation Course Part 2

After completing RPI Training Part 1, you are eligible for the RCS-D™ Designation Course Part 2 (Hours 7-12).

Summary: RCS-D™ Designation Course Part 2

The RCS-D™ Designation course, a skills-based supplement to RPI Training, will help you reduce risks associated with quitclaim deeds as well as review co-tenancy and bankruptcy and tax implications associated with divorce. Your designation will empower you with listing presentation and marketing assistance for divorce and elder real estate mediation matters. This course is approved for 12 hours of CE in Tennessee (TREC).