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Photo of Nick Fendig

Nick Fendig

RCS-D™ Mortgage Consultant | NMLS: 1544656

Jacksonville, FL

Photo of Scott Fenner

Scott Fenner

Mortgage Loan Originator RCS-D

Mesa, AZ

Photo of Lauren Fisco

Lauren Fisco

RCS-D™ Mortgage Loan Originator

Phoenix, AZ

Photo of Leigh Fisher

Leigh Fisher

RCS-D™ Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS #1562667

Fresno, CA

Photo of Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher

RCS-D™ Mortgage | Regional Vice President

Bronx, NY

Photo of Michael Fiske

Michael Fiske

RCS-D™ Mortgage Loan Originator | NMLS #1974213

Deerfield Beach, FL

Brian Gallegos


Photo of Dave Gardner

Dave Gardner

RCS-D™ | Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS 1005124

Everett, WA

Photo of Jason Gordon

Jason Gordon


San Diego, CA

Flo Grabowski


Photo of Grover Greer

Grover Greer

RCS-D™ Senior Loan Officer/Branch Manager

Golden, CO

Photo of Rob Grimes

Rob Grimes

RCS-D™ Mortgage | Loan Originator

Tulsa, OK

Photo of Jason Hall

Jason Hall

RCS-D™ Mortgage Professional

San Diego, CA

Photo of Jeremy Halsey

Jeremy Halsey

RCS-D™ Mortgage Loan Originator

Honolulu, HI

Photo of Michael Hays

Michael Hays

RCS-D™ | Mortgage Principal

Phoenix, AZ

Matt Helton


Photo of Matt Helton

Matt Helton

RCS-D™ Mortgage | Branch Manager

Brentwood, TN

Dillon Herrera


Jessica Howard


Photo of Jennine Hunter

Jennine Hunter

RCS-D™ | Residential Mortgage Loan Officer

Conyers, GA