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Andrea Baldini

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Work 4800 N Federal Highway suite E302 broward dade palm beach Boca Raton FL 33428 33431 3307 33331 33441 33109 334433 33326 Work Boca Raton FL 33428 33431 3307 33331 33441 33109 334433 33326 Work Phone: 5614532027 Cell Phone: 9783601224 Website: website


Boca Raton, FL



My name is Andrea Baldini, been married for 28+ years, I’m a mother of three amazing kids.

I moved from Brazil to Boston in 1995 when I was only 19 years old with my fiancé Renato Baldini, the father of my 3 kids and still husband. At the beginning I cleaned houses, delivered pizzas, delivered newspaper, and did all kind of jobs to support myself as I didn’t have my parents here in the USA.

In 2003 I started in the mortgage industry.

Now I have 2 offices, Florida and Massachusetts and we are licensed to do business in 48 states.  I also have an accounting office called Ultimate Financial Help in Woburn MA since 2009.

We also have a Podcast channel called VocePodCast where our goal is to help people achieve success in every area of their life, personal and professional growth, and development. https://vocepodcast.com/



Consistently recognized for its excellence in customer service, I been awarded the title “The Notable USA 2015”.

All the success acquired over the years was definitely due to her entrepreneurial vision, perseverance , leadership and for always putting the customer at the center of her decisions.