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Darryl Johnson

RCS-D™ Project Manager | Real Estate Agent Exit Realty Keystone
Work 16175 Monterey Rd. Suite A Santa Clara Morgan Hill CA 95037 Work 1639 Meridian Ave. Santa Clara San Jose CA 95125 Cell Phone: 408-483-1814


Morgan Hill, CA


Close to 30 years in Residential/Commercial Real Estate and as Farmer’s Insurance says “We know a thing or two, cause we’ve seen a thing or two”!. The real result of this set of experience is what can we do with that learned & adaptive knowledge.
The team has developed strategies that can literally change peoples lives! From the Baby Boomer who is selling a house in a highly appreciated area of San Jose but purchased that home in the late 60’s or early 70’s & is facing a huge Capital Gains Tax (sometimes as high as 30% to 40%) that will impact their quality of life. We have solutions!

Or for Seniors who need to downsize to a single level home but don’t have the money to pay their “new” property tax bill. We can help there utilizing tools that will enable them to never pay a mortgage payment again, keep their original property tax basis going forward and put some cash in their pockets. Changes their lifestyle dramatically!

Investor’s need good detailed analysis of potential Real Estate investments and ensure that the properties meet their financial goals now and IN THE FUTURE! We have that experience and knowledge to provide that analysis.
Message, call or text me to learn more about applying these solutions to your situation. We have more solutions!