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David Guilbert

Project Manager | Real Estate Broker / Agent SilverPointe Properties
Work Williamson Davidson 37014 37027 37046 37062 37064 37067 37069 37135 37174 37179 37212 37205 37221 37204 37215 37206 37209 Franklin Tennessee Cell Phone: 615-428-1861 Website: http://www.dguilbert.silverpointe.com


As an RCS-D I am committed to consulting with my clients to provide information about what to do with real estate assets through the divorce process. In doing so I provide my clients, in most cases free of charge, access to my trusted team of seasoned professionals with expertise in real estate law, mortgage lending, licensed real estate inspection, homeowner’s insurance and tax. I ensure that all parties have full access to all relevant facts surrounding the real estate and I provide them with the ability to logically determine the best possible disposition of the home in the most expeditious time frame possible.
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