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Ellen Dudley

RCS-D™ Project Manager | REALTOR®
Work 1340 Center St. Suite 202 Suffolk Newton MA 02459 United States Cell Phone: 617-771-4771 Website: Website


Newton, MA


I have always been a good listener.  I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories.  I have enjoyed a 15+ year career in Real Estate and helping people achieve the “american dream” has been very fulfilling.  Taking the course work to become an RCS-D  has opened my eyes to so many ways to continue to help people.  Now, in addition to being a good listener, I can help them hold on to the house in some cases and I can help them make informed decisions so they can decide if holding on to the house makes sense.  I have always had sympathy and empathy for those facing hard times and now I can add RCS-D™ | Real Estate Collaboration Specialist in Divorce to my arsenal to not just provide heartfelt feelings, but educated guidance as well which I know will help so many people.