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Holly Reyes

RCS-D™ Project Manager | Real Estate Agent Homesmart Elite Group
Work Scottsdale Arizona United States Cell Phone: 602-625-3240 Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hollykreyes/


Scottsdale, AZ


Due Diligence when a home is being kept versus sold has these common factors: *thorough assessment of current market value and current market conditions * Review of Title Report and Deed *Insurance Claims information / CLUE report * Review of Insurance Binder *Property Inspection, Professional Inspection gold standard, review of all repairs / replacements during homeownership * Review of all applicable mortgage documents, surveys, home owners association documents *Consultation with mortgage professional or credit professional to discuss importance of maintaining on time payments for mortgage and other creditors, discussing effect of non or late payments. Additional Due Diligence for homes being kept: *Consultation with a mortgage professional to determine ability of spouse keeping the property to be able to qualify for a new loan, prequalification at minimum, preapproval gold standard *Consultation with insurance professional regarding new home owners insurance policy. Additional Due Diligence if home is being sold: *Review of all documents related to the sale of the home * Consultation with Realtor to understand continued responsibilities to maintain home during sale and develop plan for sale.