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Jeffrey Deutch

RCS-D™ | Vice President of Mortgage Lending Guaranteed Rate
Cell Phone: 3016028787 Website: Mortgage Home Page


My wife and I have 3 wonderful children – this, of course, includes our dog (one of the kids). We are one of those unique families that love going on vacations together and spending time with the grandparents.

After I received an MBA in finance, I started my career in the mortgage industry in 1991. During this adventure (28 years ago), I have had the privilege of helping over 5,000 families obtain loans to meet their individual needs. I have learned a lot from my clients over the years and use a lot of what I learn in my daily life.

I am asked “Who is your typical client and what questions do they typically have?”:
I don’t think there really is a “typical” client – – every individual is different and has unique goals.  Most of the questions I hear revolve around the loan process, required documentation and changes in the industry. Yes, the mortgage industry has changed quite a bit – especially since 2008. Regulations require more documentation to be provided for each loan but these changes have also helped make the process safer for you as you obtain a loan.