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Photo of Jenn Otto

Jenn Otto

RCS-D™ Mortgage Planner | NMLS # 583943 Primis
Cell Phone: (615) 810-1277 Website: About Me Website: Application


Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Every family has a dream for a bright future – my job is to get them there. 

I’m Jenn Otto, the one and only certified mortgage planner in Tennessee. I know you want to create a legacy of wealth so you can fund your lifestyle today while supporting your family for generations to come. 

To do that you need to do more than buy a home, you need to create a customized plan for the investments you’ll make today and every day after that. 

But I also know that life is unpredictable and plans can change. That’s why my goal is to walk alongside you for the long haul – not just while you’re buying a home today – so I can help you navigate obstacles and make decisions that keep you on track toward your goals. 

What sets me apart:

  • My Professional Experience: I have over two decades of experience in the mortgage profession serving families and individuals just like you.
  • Our Partnership: You don’t just step into my office once before parting ways. When we establish a partnership, I support you toward your goals for life. 
  • My Unique Approach: I’m more than a loan officer. As a mortgage planner I do more than help you secure a loan, I help you strategize your next steps and financial decisions.  

With 25+ years of experience in the lending industry, my job is to help you understand your current financial situation, fearlessly cast a vision for your future, and create a holistic step-by-step strategy so you can make it reality.