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Photo of Jimmy Felton

Jimmy Felton

Project Manager | Real Estate Broker / Agent Coldwell Banker Nelson Realtors
Work Tennessee United States Cell Phone: 865-591-7501 Website: http://www.TnHouseSales.com


Yes, I?m a great real estate agent. But that is not why I?m here. I?m not here just to get a listing.

This has turned into a calling for me to help people.
I had a family member that went through a divorce and received what everyone though was a fair settlement. After the smoke cleared and the nerves and anger subsided, we found out it was not a ?Good Deal? after all.

The trouble came from keeping the home. If I knew then what I know now and how to help people do the proper research into the biggest asset they own, it would have made life so much better. I want to help people be better informed.