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John Kramer

RCS-D™ Mortgage | Senior Loan Officer | AZ LO-0911468 NMLS-218215 Peoples Mortgage Company
Work 2055 E Centennial Cir Tempe AZ 85284 United States Cell Phone: 480.220.2222 Website: Website


Tempe, AZ


Helping people make the right decisions!
Licensing: AZ LO-0911468 NMLS-218215
Call or Text: 480.220.2222 |eFAX: 855.423.1730

John Kramer, RCS-D, has been a loan officer since 2002. He has helped many clients over the years. John and his team make every effort to provide the most professional service available to their clients. Being a divorced home owner himself, John found a passion in helping divorcing home owners protect their credit and preserve their home ownership for the short and long term. Through detailed consultation, John’s clients are more educated and often able to make better decisions base on good information rather than emotion.

Testimonials: https://reach150.com/m/review/59071/peoples-mortgage-company-john-kramer-scottsdale-az-mortgage