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Photo of Katie Mecham

Katie Mecham

RCS-D™ Project Manager | REALTOR® Presidio Real Estate
Work 623 E 2100 S Suite 105 Salt Lake Salt Lake City Utah 84106 Cell Phone: 801-857-8654


Salt Lake City, UT


When facing some of life’s most difficult transitions, it is important to surround yourself with people who are aware of the challenges you’ll face before you are. They can warn you of impending bumps in the road, and make sure you are protected on your new and difficult journey.

As an RCS-D™, I make sure no stone is unturned throughout the process of deciding whether or not to keep your home after your divorce. I will help you gather all of the documents you need, prior to mediation, and make you aware of every single aspect that you need to consider, so you can make informed decisions regarding the house.

Don’t get caught making uninformed, irreversible decisions, that could negatively impact your financial future, indefinitely. Give me a call, and find out how I can help you gather information that will arm you with everything you need to protect yourself.

While these services are free, they are absolutely invaluable to you.