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Kerry Silva

RCS-D™ Project Manager | Residential Real Estate Broker & Expert Witness Appraiser Price, Wright, and Dunn, Inc.
Work United StatesOther Riverview FL 33578 United States Cell Phone: 813-962-8870 Website: Price, Wright, and Dunn, Inc. “Price it Right and You’re Done!”


Riverview, FL



My Story

I started selling residential real estate in 1984. I had a great broker, John Barrett. He got me out there bringing in prospects right away. He’d always keep me two or three steps ahead of them. I try to use the same teaching method with my Realtors.

Since then I became an appraiser in addition to being a real estate broker and moved to a different part of the country.

I basically did things the way everybody else did for years. Then one day in the 1990s I got tired of not pointing out that in residential real estate, marketing doesn’t matter in getting your house sold. That’s what Multiple Listing Service (every Realtor’s inventory) is for. Price it right, make it easy to show, offer a commission, and it will sell because most inventory is either underpriced or overpriced.

So I started testing different techniques that Realtors use, and experimenting with new ones I either heard of or thought up myself. I found that about half the knowledge that “everybody knows” is wrong. I found that the real estate laws of nature work a certain way. Your opinions or mine don’t matter. At all.

So now I go with what is, not what I wish it was, or what somebody else thinks it should be. I tweak the things that work until they work great. I don’t even bother with the rest.

Doing things a little differently results in a close rate that is higher than just about every other residential real estate company. A close rate is how many times you succeed divided by how many times you’re hired.

Price it Right and you’re Done!

Kerry Silva