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Lee Mrazek

Project Manager | Real Estate Broker / Agent Slyman Real Estate
Work Knox Blount Loudon Roane Anderson 37934 37922 37921 37923 37924 37920 37919 37909 37912 37914 37849 37918 37933 37771 37772 37777 37801 37802 37803 37804 37748 37763 37830 37831 37716 37717 37701 37737 37742 Knoxville Tennessee Cell Phone: 865-862-6161 Website: http://www.SweetHomeTN.com


My prior background as a paralegal in Wisconsin and work in all aspects of the title business as well as extensive training and designations and certifications in the real estate field makes me uniquely qualified. While I cannot give legal or title advice, I do have insights that allow me to guide my clients to the appropriate professionals as the need arises. I have been in business over 17 years, and I hold an Associate Broker’s license.