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Martha Cusick

RCS-D™ Project Manager | REALTOR® 8Z Real Estate
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Boulder, CO


With 20 years in the legal industry, I now specialize in working with divorcing couples, family and divorce lawyers, mediators, financial consultants, and other professionals working in divorce to make an already painful process easier to navigate. I earned my RCS-D™ (Real Estate Collaboration Specialist – Divorce) designation from Professor Kelly Murray, who holds degrees from Stanford Univ. and Harvard Law, and she also teaches family lawyers, judges in family court, and mediators on divorce reform and how to make the divorce process better for all parties.

As a divorce real estate specialist, I help spouses early in the divorce process – before mediation –make informed decisions about the marital home – whether they want to keep it or sell it as part of the process and what factors must be considered to make the right decisions in a time of emotional distress.

I am surrounded by a like-minded team of financial, mortgage, title, insurance, and inspection experts who know the divorce process from the inside out – we know how emotional decisions are during this time and work hand-in-glove with our divorcing clients, walking them through every step of the process.

Outside of my divorce specialty, I also work with first-time homebuyers, single parents (having been a single parent buyer!), move-up buyers and older buyers looking to downsize or re-balance their financial position.

My knowledge of the market, real estate trends, and hands-on approach allow me to see beyond the typical scope of a real estate transaction to make sure it goes smoothly. I am committed to putting my clients’ needs first and foremost. I work tirelessly to make sure you’ll get the best deal every single time – whether that’s as a seller or a buyer.

Prior to joining 8z for its values and commitment to community and its clients, I worked as the head of marketing for global and national law firms, as well as specialty legal providers, including family law and estate and tax planning firms.