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Michael Fiske

RCS-D™ Mortgage Loan Originator | NMLS #1974213 Homestar Financial Corporation
Other 1973 NE 4th Street Apt. 2 Broward Palm Beach Miami-Dade 33441 33004 33442 33301 33304 33305 33306 33308 33309 33311 33312 33313 33314 33317 33319 33321 33322 33324 33325 33326 33328 33331 33334 33351 33023 33024 33025 33026 33027 33029 33028 33060 33062 33063 33064 33065 33067 33068 33069 33071 33073 33076 Broward Deerfield Beach Florida 33441 Cell Phone: 954-937-1651


Deerfield Beach, FL


I’m Michael Fiske, a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator in South Florida.

Growing up my father was in the Mortgage industry and was a big influence in my life. Being around him at a young age he taught me the value of helping and caring for people and their own unique situations. Having been a student of my father’s business for over 20 years, I learned the strength of investing in building strong relationships. My current areas of interest and exploration are financial investments, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and the practice of self-discipline.

I strongly believe that you should look for a reason to close a loan, rather than to turn a client down.