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Photo of Nicole A. Court

Nicole A. Court

RCS-D™ Project Manager | Managing Broker/ Owner Village Brokers Inc.
Work 4 West Dry Creek Circle Suite 100 Arapahoe Littleton CO 80120 Work Phone: 303-738-2100 Cell Phone: 720-363-7801 Website: Village Brokers Inc. Website: Zillow


Littleton, CO


Nicole entered the Real Estate industry in 1987 as an assistant to her Grandmother who was a legend of sorts in the Denver real estate market having been licensed in 1975.
While working with her Grandmother, Nicole developed a reverence for the fundamentals and complexity of the real estate transaction. She found she was a natural problem-solver. She loved the challenge of thinking creatively to overcome a buyer’s barriers to ownership or a seller’s roadblocks to selling. From her Grandmother, Nicole also developed unshakable ethics and an immense sense of responsibility to her Clients.
In 1991, Nicole obtained her own real estate license and went on to obtain her Employing Level, Managing Broker License. She continues to elevate her Client’s experiences. She understands innately that her Client’s needs are unique . She listens first and then works hard to help each Client attain their real estate goals.
Nicole was taught three things at the beginning of her career:
If you choose real estate as a career path – dedicate your all to it. And that’s what she does.
If you want something in life, you have to work for it. So that’s what she does.
It’s easy to be liked, it’s hard to be respected. Nicole knows that every interaction she has with anyone is an opportunity to earn respect. She takes that advice to heart with clients, friends, family, and industry peers alike.
As her career advanced, Nicole hit her stride working in all areas of residential and commercial real estate sales. She specializes in transactions that require her exceptional problem-solving skills, such as selling during a Divorce, selling when in an Estate, Selling and Relocating, selling to avoid Foreclosure and more!
Ask any one of Nicole’s clients! They’ll assure you that she is knowledgeable, trustworthy, empathetic, problem-solving, dedicated, and hard-working. She will get the job done for you smoothly and professionally.
Nicole Court is a fifth – generation Colorado native and has provided real estate services throughout Colorado for over 31 years. She currently lives in the Denver Metro area and has three adult children.
She enjoys a tight-knit bond with her brothers and sisters. In her free time, she loves to travel all over the globe, read, cook, and network businesses together.
She takes deep pride in making each and every transaction a successful one for her Clients and Colleagues.