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Photo of Robin Duffey

Robin Duffey

RCS-D™ Project Manager | REALTOR® Urban House Realty LLC
Work 3101 N. Central Ave Suite 950 85003 85007 85012 85013 85014 85015 85016 85018 85020 85021 85254 85255 85258 85259 85260 Maricopa Phoenix AZ 85012 United States Cell Phone: 602-512-5990


Phoenix, AZ


I have worked in many different professions over the years and enjoyed every one! Right out of college I went into fitness training/management and still workout daily by either walking the dogs, boxing and now back into hot yoga! I was involved in the medical field in various capacities throughout the years and finally in 1998 I ‘bit the bullet’ and got my real estate license. I have always loved homes, historical most of all, and feel there is a perfect match for human and home and I strive every day to make that happen for my clients. I have worked in CA and in AZ through all the crazy ups and downs of the housing market and I continuously attend educational classes and skill courses to always improve so I can give more and more to my clients and make them happy. I value my clients and always put them first above everything else I do!

In addition to my wonderful real estate career, I manage our AirBNB guest house and love that I have been able to meet new and awesome people from all over the world  in addition to designing “flips” for another agent.  Sometimes you have to see the bones of the house to create the soul of the home.

In my off work time I volunteer with the a variety of rescue groups for dogs and have three of my own! As you can see from my profile photo, and LOVE big dogs and all the white fur that comes with it.