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Ryan Weis

RCS-D™ Mortgage Lender | NMLS #: 362586 Town and Country Bank
Work 10 Terra Verde Madison St. Clair City of St Louis St Louis St Charles 62025 62034 62294 62062 62234 62040 62249 62269 62208 62260 62285 62226 62220 62221 62223 63104 63105 63119 63122 63124 63141 63143 63144 63108 63110 Madison St Clair City of St Louis St Louis Edwardsville IL 62025 Cell Phone: 618-567-5075 Website: Town and Country Bank Website: Zillow Reviews


Edwardsville, IL


With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Ryan knows how stressful purchasing a home can be. With that in mind, his goal is to make sure the process of purchasing a home—or refinancing an existing mortgage—is efficient and stress-free. The mortgage industry is constantly changing, so it’s now more important than ever to work with a mortgage professional who not only understands your needs but has the knowledge to guide you through an ever-changing market. Growing up on a farm in Highland, Illinois, Ryan has lived in the area all his life and cares deeply about his community and customers.