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Photo of Susan Rogge-Adyniec

Susan Rogge-Adyniec

RCS-D™ Project Manager | REALTOR® Pink Sunset Homes
Work Maricopa AZ Scottsdale AZ 85255 Cell Phone: 262-501-7930


Scottsdale, AZ


Hi, I’m Susan!  I’m a Midwest transplant, who moved to Arizona from Minnesota several years ago.  Although I’ve lived in several other states (TX–GO BEARS!, Ohio, South Dakota and worked in NYC for many years), I can tell you that moving to Arizona was a huge learning curve!  I’ve now been fully (self) educated on all aspects of the desert, including javelina, scorpions, snakes and the most interesting was the vast difference in home structures.  For example, having cracks in your ceiling when I lived in Minnesota was a crisis and gut-sinking feeling that your house may have shifted and you could have a very costly foundation issue.  In Arizona, homes are built on “floating foundations” and this is somewhat normal and just requires some patch/paint.  Although I would never leave my sunny paradise now, it wasn’t an easy transition.  I’m eager to share my knowledge with other newbies…which are many seeing that Arizona grows by over 100,000 new people each year!

My earlier career, prior to real estate, was in healthcare.  I started out as a Registered Nurse and then moved to the corporate side for many years before deciding it was time to follow my passion in real estate.  That said, the RCS-D™ experience was another way, like my nursing career, for me to truly support others in a highly stressful time.  Bringing this into my real estate work allows me to give back to others in a very unique way, which aligns perfectly with my desire to bring compassion to this industry.